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G30S 1264 4L

Brand BKHD
Model G30S 1264 4L
Chipset BKHD-1264NP-12
Network port 4*2.5G intel i226
Memory 1*DDR5 SO-DIMM
Storage 1*NVMe/1*SATA
Expandable 1*mPCIe for WiFi/Bluetooth/4G
1*M.2 CNVi for WiFi
Video output 1*DP/1*HDMI
Power Adapter DC 12V-4A

Optional Processor

Model: N100 /Core I3-N305ES

Cores: 4/8

Threads: 4/8

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Product Manual

Product Specifications

BIOS file

Product Features:

BKHD G30S 1264 4L is a revolutionary high-performance mini host equipped with an ultra-quiet fan, providing an ideal solution for high-temperature working environments. 

With Intel Alder Lak-N series processors, users can choose the appropriate processing capabilities according to their needs to achieve powerful computing performance.

The device supports DDR5 memory with a memory capacity of up to 16GB, providing sufficient resources for processing large amounts of data and complex applications. In addition, 1*M.2 NVMe slot and 1*SATA slot provide users with flexible storage options to easily meet different storage needs.

The four latest Intel i226 2.5G network cards deliver an unparalleled high-speed networking experience for connected devices. Whether it is home entertainment, office work or professional-level networking applications, you can enjoy stable and fast data transfer.