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Brand BKHD
Model BKHD-1264-NAS
Chipset N100
Network port 4*2.5GE Intel NIC
Memory 1*DDR5-SODIMM
Storage 2*NVMe/6*SATA
USB port 2*USB 2.0/2*USB 3.0
PCIe slot 1*PCIe x1
Video output 1*DP/1*HDMI
Power Adapter ATX Power Supply

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Product Specifications

BIOS file

Product Features:

Explore ultimate compactness and discover powerful performance-the new generation N100 Mini ITX motherboard is here!

Inner Superstar Intel N100 Processor - With a low power consumption of only 6W, the energy efficiency of this processor is the secret to its compactness and performance. Delivers essential computing power while remaining cool and quiet, maintaining performance in even the most compact setups.

High-speed network connectivity - Four Intel 2.5G Ethernet ports give your data transfer wings. Fast, resilient connections support everything from intensive real-time monitoring to data-intensive operations.

A new realm of storage: 2 M.2 NVME interfaces and up to 6 SATA ports, whether in terms of speed or capacity, can fulfill all your storage dreams. Whether for backup, storage, or operations, these interfaces provide fast access to your data.

Flexible Scalability This is not only a motherboard, but also a platform. A variety of I/O interfaces, such as PCIe, USB serial port, etc., give you unlimited options for connecting to the outside world.

Full compatibility, unlimited possibilities Whether you are building an efficient workstation or need a powerful industrial solution, this motherboard can adapt to changing environments and challenges to meet all your innovation needs.

Professional Innovations Designed for the elite, for professionals who demand ultimate performance and superior functionality. From enterprise-level applications to personal entertainment, this Mini ITX motherboard is your ideal partner.

Upgrade Now Step into a future of performance and efficiency by choosing your Mini ITX motherboard. Act now to find and push your professional limits!

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