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G30R 1090 4L 2.5G

Brand BKHD
Model G30R 1090 4L 2.5G
Chipset BKHD-1090NP-12
Network port 4*2.5G intel i225/i226 NIC
Memory 2*DDR4 SO-DIMM
Storage 1*mSATA/1*SATA
Expandable 1*mPCIe for WiFi/Bluetooth/4G
Video output 1*VGA/1*HDMI
Power Adapter DC 12V-4A
System (Tested)
Windows10/11; Pfsense 2.7;
Mikrotik v7; OPNsense 22.7;

Optional Processor

Model: Celeron N4000/J4125

Cores: 2/4

Threads: 2/4

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Product Features:

In the fast-paced digital work scenario, the G30R 1090 4L 2.5G fanless low-power mini host provides a cost-effective solution for enterprise and home users with its excellent performance and extremely low power consumption. This compact mini host is equipped with a Gemini Lake Refresh Series Celeron N4000 or J4125 processor, which not only provides stable and reliable computing performance, but also ensures optimized power consumption. 

Supporting up to 16GB of memory capacity, the device can easily handle daily office tasks, data analysis work, and streaming media playback without lagging or delay.

Equipped with 4 of the latest Intel 2.5G network cards, it offers users network speeds of up to 2.5Gbps. Whether it's HD video conferencing, large file transfers or online gaming, this high-speed connection delivers a smooth experience.

The 4 latest Intel i226 2.5G network cards in the device provide users with a stable and fast network experience. This is a huge advantage for users who require large amounts of data transfer, online collaboration and streaming.

The fanless design not only ensures quiet operation, but also greatly reduces the risk of failure and extends the life of the device. Its low power consumption feature allows the device to run 24/7 without worrying about the burden of electricity bills.

This well-designed mini-console is ideal for users looking for compactness and power without compromising performance. The perfect combination of high performance and low power consumption can meet your needs whether used in a home entertainment center or as a small workstation.

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