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G30 1090 4L 1G

Brand BKHD
Model G30 1090 4L 1G
Chipset BKHD-1090NP-12
Network port 4*1G intel i210/i211 NIC
Memory 1*DDR4 SO-DIMM
Storage 1*mSATA/1*SATA
Expandable 1*mPCIe for WiFi/Bluetooth/4G
Video output 1*VGA/1*HDMI
Power Adapter DC 12V-4A
System (Tested)
Windows7; Pfsense 2.6;
Mikrotik v6; OPNsense 22.7;

Optional Processor

Model: Celeron J4105/J4125

Cores: 4/4

Threads: 4/4

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Product Features:

In today's enterprise environment, network security and stability is a top concern for operations and maintenance (O&M) and IT decision makers. BKHD offers the ideal hardware solution to meet these needs.

This mini-host supports single-channel DDR4 memory up to 8GB. While single-channel may experience some bandwidth limitations in some high-load situations compared to dual-channel memory configurations, 8GB of memory is more than enough for most small and midsize business applications to handle day-to-day workloads, including file processing, lightweight server applications, and operation as a firewall system.

The device provides 1*mSATA and 1*SATA slot for storage, giving users the flexibility to choose storage solutions. Users can combine SSDs and HDDs as needed to achieve fast system response and expand data storage.

The built-in 4 Intel i210/i211 Gigabit network cards not only ensure stable network performance, but also provide excellent driver compatibility. It is seamlessly compatible with multiple versions of Linux or Windows server operating systems, providing IT professionals with great flexibility. It also supports popular firewall systems such as Untangle and Sophos to further enhance network management and security.

The fanless design offers several significant benefits: reduced noise, reduced dust accumulation, and elimination of mechanical failure. These benefits are especially important in environments that require long hours of operation, such as offices, data centers, and industrial environments.

The G30 1090 4L Gigabit is a powerful, well-designed mini-host for enterprise users looking for stability, security and power-saving options. Whether used as a workstation in the office or as a dedicated network device in the data center, it delivers outstanding performance and reliability.