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G26 1449TI4 1L

Brand BKHD
Model G26 1449TI4 1L
Chipset BKHD-1449-TI4
Network port 1*1GE Realtek NIC
Memory 2*DDR4 SO-DIMM
Storage 1*mSATA;1*NVMe
Expandable 1*mPCIe for WiFi/Bluetooth/4G
Video output 1*VGA/1*HDMI
Power Adapter DC 12V-7/10A

Optional Processor

Model: Core i3-1115G4/i5-1135G7/i7-1165G7

Cores: 2/4/4

Threads: 4/8/8

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Product Features:

Featuring the latest Core i3, i5, and i7 processors from the Tiger Lake family, this industrial computer delivers powerful computing for data-intensive industrial environments. Whether you're performing complex data processing, image analysis, or running heavy-duty industrial applications, your expectations will be met and exceeded.

It can support dual-channel DDR4 memory up to 64GB, which greatly improves multi-tasking efficiency and system response speed. The internal storage configuration includes 1*mSATA slot, 1*SATA slot, and 1*M.2 NVMe slot, providing a variety of high-speed storage options that greatly enhance data processing and access speed.

With VGA and HDMI display outputs and an optional eDP or LVDS pin interface, these rich display output options are suitable for applications requiring multi-display solutions such as digital signage, industrial monitoring, etc. Multi-display interfaces provide a high degree of flexibility in visual representation and data display. 

The device has 6*USB ports and 6*COM ports, of which COM1 and COM2 can support RS485/RS232 protocol, and the rest support RS232. It can be easily connected to a variety of peripheral devices, including sensors, controllers, and other industrial equipment, making it ideal for automation and data acquisition systems.

The fanless design also ensures continuous operation in harsh environments without worrying about the impact of dust and other particles on system performance. This design not only reduces maintenance costs, but also improves equipment reliability and lifetime.