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G685 1356 2L

Brand BKHD
Model G685 1356 2L
Chipset BKHD-1356-12
Network port 2*1GE Realtek NIC
Memory 2*DDR4 SO-DIMM
Storage 1*mSATA/1*SATA
Expandable 1*mPCIe Half-Height for WiFi/Bluetooth
Video output 1*DP/1*HDMI
Power Adapter DC 12V-7/10A

Optional Processor

Model: Core i5-6360U/i3-8130U/i5-8250U/i7-8550U

Cores: 2/2/4/4 

Threads: 4/4/8/8

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Product Features:

The G685 1356 2L is a fanless mini host designed for a variety of application scenarios such as edge computing, industrial control, data acquisition, and the Internet of Things.

The built-in Skylake/Kaby Lake series Core i3/i5/i7 processor not only provides excellent processing power, but also ensures efficient data processing and multitasking capabilities by supporting up to 32GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory. 

In terms of storage, the device has 1*mSATA and 1*SATA slot built-in, providing users with flexible storage options to meet different data storage needs. At the same time, one HDMI and one DP interface support synchronous or asynchronous display output, providing convenience for multi-screen display and high-definition content display.

In terms of network communication, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports provide fast and stable data transmission, and 1*Console interface compliant with Cisco standards provides convenience for professional network device management. In addition, 4*USB 3.0 ports allow users to connect more peripheral devices, further enhancing the application flexibility of this mini host.

Compatible with operating systems such as Windows 10/11, Ubuntu, and Red Hat, it offers users a wide choice of software environments to adapt to different application needs and development environments.

With excellent performance, broad compatibility, and strong multi-scenario adaptability, this mini-host is an ideal choice for edge computing, industrial control, data collection, and IoT solutions. Whether you need high-performance computing, robust data transfer, or flexible storage solutions, we can meet your needs.