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G31 Grey D4 2.5G

Brand BKHD
Model G31 Grey D4
Chipset GF-1090NP
Network port 6*2.5GE intel NIC
Memory 2*DDR4-SODIMM
Storage 1*MiniSATA/1*SATA
Expandable 1*MiniPCIe for WiFi/Bluetooth/4G
Video output 1*HDMI
System (Tested)
Windows10/11; Pfsense 2.7;
Mikrotik v7; OPNsense 22.7;
Power Adapter DC 12V-4A

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Product features:

The BKHD G31 Grey D4 2.5G Fanless Soft Router is a high-performance soft router device powered by a Celeron J4125 processor and equipped with dual-channel DDR4 memory that supports up to 16GB of memory capacity, providing excellent computing performance and multitasking capabilities.

It adopts a design of 6x2.5G ports, which can meet the demand for multiple devices to be online at the same time and ensure smooth and stable network operation. In home network applications, it can achieve high-speed online gaming, smooth playback of HD video streams, and more. In enterprise-level networks, it can achieve high-speed data transmission, network management, and other functions.

Lightweight and efficient heat dissipation design is adopted, and the body weight is less than 2KG. Effectively reduce the power consumption and noise of the device, and improve the stability and reliability of the device to ensure the stable performance of the machine. Support multiple installation methods, such as desktop placement, wall hanging, etc., which is convenient for users to install according to actual needs.

It has multiple security protection functions, such as firewall support, intrusion detection, etc., which can effectively protect network security. In addition, this soft router supports various operating systems such as RouterOS and PfSense, which provides excellent compatibility and scalability.