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Brand BKHD
Model BK-NAS-N5105
Chipset 1338NP-NAS-MB
Network port 4*2.5GE Intel NIC
Memory 2*DDR4-SODIMM
Storage 1*NVMe/6*SATA
Expandable 1*PCIe X4 Slot(X2Signal)
Video output 1*DP/1*HDMI
Power Adapter ATX Power Supply

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Product Specifications

BIOS file

Product Features:

We are proud to introduce this industrial NAS motherboard with excellent features, which provides excellent performance and flexible expansion capabilities for your home/industrial applications. The motherboard is equipped with abundant interfaces and slots to meet your needs for high-speed storage and various peripheral connections.

Equipped with four Intel 2.5G Ethernet ports. Provide you with a fast and stable network connection to meet the needs of high-bandwidth data transmission. Whether for real-time monitoring, big data transmission or remote access, these Ethernet ports can provide excellent performance and reliability.

Has 1*M.2 NVME/Up to 6*SATA ports for storage. You can connect multiple hard drives or solid state drives to meet the data storage needs of different industrial applications. Whether it is data backup, file storage or system operation, these M.2/SATA interfaces can provide reliable data transmission and storage solutions.

Highly flexible and scalable. The motherboard is equipped with a PCIE X4 slot, providing you with more peripheral expansion options. You can connect various PCIE X4 interface expansion cards, such as network cards, video capture cards, or other customized expansion cards, to meet the needs of various home/industrial applications.

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