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1310NP 6L 4S

Brand BKHD
Model 1U 1310NP 6L 4S
Chipset C3338 C3558 C3758 C3958
Network port 2*i211+4*i350 Gigabit Intel NIC
4*10G Intel X553 SFP+ Port
Memory 2*DDR4-SODIMM
Storage 1*NVMe SSD/2*SATA
Expandable 1*PCIe Gen3 x8
1*M.2 3052 for WiFi/Bluetooth/4G
1*Mini PCIe for WiFi/Bluetooth
Video output VGA
Power Adapter ATX 100~240V IN 12V Out

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Product features:


BKHD 1U 1310NP 6L 4S is a high performance rackmount network appliance with built-in Intel Atom C3958 processor with 16 cores and 16 threads. The processor consumes only 35W, is equipped with dual-channel DDR4 memory and supports a maximum memory capacity of 32GB.

Equipped with 6x1GE ports and 4x10G SFP+ optical ports. Intel Gigabit Adaptive Network Card provides excellent support for high-speed network data transmission and can meet the needs of various scenarios such as high-speed home networking and enterprise-level networking. Easily connect multiple devices for fast and stable data transfer. Provides excellent performance and reliability for applications that require large amounts of data transfer, such as HD video streaming, large file transfers, and cloud computing.


Adopts a rack-mountable chassis design. Compliant with the standard 19-inch 1U size, it is easy to install and manage in the cabinet. It can work 24/7 and adapt to wide temperature environment. It can operate stably in the temperature range of -20℃ Celsius to 60℃ Celsius, ensuring the reliability and stability of the equipment.


X86 architecture design, excellent compatibility.Able to widely support various operating systems and software. Whether you are using various routing systems such as OPNsense, Pfsense, MikrotikOS, VyOS, or Windows desktop and server series, they can easily meet your working environment needs. You are free to choose the operating system and software that suits you without worrying about compatibility with your hardware. Whether used in a home network or deployed in an enterprise environment, it provides stable and reliable performance and functionality to ensure your work environment runs smoothly.

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