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1U AL J4125 4L

Brand BKHD
Model 1U AL J4125 4L
Chipset J4125
Network port 6*2.5G Intel i226
Memory 2*DDR4-SODIMM
Storage 1*mSATA/1*SATA
Expandable 2*mPCIe USB Signal
Video output 1*VGA
Power Adapter ATX 100~240V IN 12V Out

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Product specification

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Product features:


Powerful processor: The device has a built-in Intel Celeron processor, optional J4125/N4000. It also supports dual-channel DDR4 memory with a maximum memory capacity of 8GB to meet multi-tasking requirements.


1U rack design: The device adopts a standard 19-inch 1U rack chassis design, which is easy to install and manage, and is suitable for cabinet environments.


Wide temperature environment adaptability: The device can operate stably in the temperature range of -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, adapting to various temperature environments to ensure the reliability and stability of the device.


Excellent compatibility: Designed with X86 architecture, it has excellent compatibility and can widely support various operating systems and software, including OPNsense, Pfsense, MikrotikOS, VyOS, and Windows desktop and server series.


Multiple High-Speed Ethernet Ports: The device is equipped with 6 2.5G Ethernet ports, using Intel adaptive network card technology to support high-speed network data transmission, suitable for high-speed home networking, enterprise-level networking and other needs.


Network security features: The device supports advanced security functions such as firewall and VPN to protect the network from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. It is highly scalable and supports additional expansion slots and interfaces for easy upgrades and expansion.


Routing and Switching Capabilities: The device has powerful routing and switching capabilities, supporting dynamic routing protocols and the setting of multiple VLANs to achieve efficient data transmission and traffic management. At the same time, it provides simple management and monitoring functions to facilitate configuration, management, and monitoring of network status and performance.


Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection: The device adopts low power consumption design, meets environmental protection standards, saves energy, reduces operating costs, and reduces environmental impact.